How to make a custom-made, gold-plated Kringle-style candle

A gold-painted Kringlle candle, one of the most common and popular candle designs, has become a hot item on Etsy, with demand outpacing supply. 

A candle, by itself, is not enough to make your own Kringles, but using a variety of materials can make the experience even more appealing. 

For the first time, I decided to make my own Kringsle candle. 

The process was simple, and I made sure to purchase a Kringlé-like candle that could be decorated with an assortment of different items: an umbrella, a necklace, a bracelet, a belt buckle, a lamp, and a few other items.

After my purchase, I assembled the candle, made sure it was completely covered in a white paint, and set about assembling it. 

First, I needed a candle that was very small and had a low price. 

I ordered the candle from a shop in the Bay Area and then purchased the candle with the instructions from the seller.

I used a black paint and placed the candle in a dark cabinet. 

Next, I added a small amount of water and water-soluble glue to the candle.

Then I used a pair of pliers to loosen the candle’s neck.

Finally, I used some of my favorite kitchen tools, a wood glue, and the kitchen knife to make some intricate holes in the bottom of the candle and to secure the candle to the cabinet.

I made the holes in a circular pattern, as I did for all of the Kringla candles.

The candle was finished and ready to be hung.

Before placing the candle on a shelf, I also filled the cabinet with white paint and covered the top with a piece of white felt.

I left the cabinet covered with white felt for the rest of the candles. 

After the candle was hung on the shelf, it was time to paint it! 

I began by making the wax.

Once I had enough wax to cover the candle the entire length of the cabinet, I filled the entire cabinet with the wax that I had.

Next, using my favorite wood glue (it came in handy because I had no other choice), I used the kitchen scissors to trim the wax to size.

For the centerpiece, I simply used a piece that I found on the side of the door and carefully cut the candle into two halves.

I then attached the candle ends with a loop of wire.

Now it was my turn to paint the base. 

Using the kitchen-knife, I cut the wax into two pieces, one long and one short, and then glued the pieces together. 

Then, using the kitchen tool, I peeled off the wax from the center of the base, then attached it to the waxed paper with wire. 

This time, the paper was taped tightly so that the wax wouldn’t fall out.

While I was doing this, I placed the candles in a small dish, along with a small glass bowl filled with water.

When the candles were ready to use, I covered them with white glue and attached the top of the bowl with the wire.

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