How to spot a Citronella candle on sale at your local drugstore

A $30,000 candle from an Indian manufacturer may be a bargain compared to the price of a brand-new one, but there are a few tricks to get the most out of it. 1.

It must be a white candle.

A white candle has the potential to last longer than a brown candle, but a white one is considered the “white” of the candle.

That means the white part of the brand is used to make the flame lighter. 


The candle has to have a good flame.

A candle with a great flame can burn longer than one with a poor flame. 


The price is high.

If you’re looking for a bargain, it’s best to go for the most expensive one.

A $1,000 white candle with an orange flame will burn a lot longer than the one with the black flame.


The color of the flame is important.

A red flame makes the candle lighter than a blue flame.


The wax is the important part.

The less wax in the candle, the more intense the flame will be. 6.

The fragrance is the next thing to be considered.

A scent can make a difference.

The scent of the wax or the fragrance of the fragrance will have a huge impact on the burning time of a candle. 


The quality of the candles can make or break the deal.

If the candle is not good quality, you may be disappointed.


The time is crucial.

The longer the candle burns, the higher the price will go up. 9.

If your candle is sold at a drugstore, you should look into other brands.

Some drugstores sell a variety of candles, and a few of them are also selling white candles.

If those other brands have a higher price, it will make the difference between you getting the candle you want or a bad candle that’s not worth the money.

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