Macy’s to open up shop at the Hudson Valley location of antique antique and collectibles store eight years in the making

Macy’s is opening up shop in Hudson Valley, New Jersey, to open its new store eight year in themaking, and will offer a full line of vintage and collectible items.

The store, which has been in the works for some time, is part of Macy’s plan to take a more traditional approach to its old-school shopping.

It will be part of a plan to offer a range of merchandise from traditional Americana and traditional art to contemporary art and art of the past.

The Hudson Valley store, slated to open this fall, will be in the Macy’s historic building, which was recently refurbished, and the store will be located on the corner of Eighth and Seventh Streets, in the Hudson Village section of Manhattan.

The store will feature more than 20,000 items from the past and present.

The Macy’s flagship store, located at the Macy, in downtown New York, will remain closed.

The Hudson Riverfront Macy’s in New York.

(Photo: Alana Simon/WGBH)The Hudson Village store, the second store to open in the area, will open in 2018, along with the Macy Tower in Manhattan.

Both stores will feature a mix of collectibles and antique items, and there will be an extensive selection of merchandise, including vintage dolls, books, toys, antiques, antlers, antler chairs, dolls, clothing, and a collection of antique furniture, said Macy’s vice president of business development, Mark Grosz.

The new Hudson Valley branch will be adjacent to Macy’s other stores, which include the Macy Village and Macy’s Fashion Square stores, in Hudson Village, Manhattan.

Macy’s plans to offer items in the same vintage, vintage-style and modern fashion as its stores in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

The company has a history of building its own brick-and-mortar stores in New Jersey and has been expanding into the Hudson River Valley for the past year.

The company opened two stores in Manhattan, Macy’s, in Brooklyn, and Macy Enterprises in Hudson.

Mathers is expanding its offerings in the region as well.

The department store chain is currently in the process of opening a new store in the New Jersey suburb of Newark.

Mara Wilson, the store’s manager, said the Hudson-based company is “working hard to continue to build our brand in the Upper East Side and beyond,” and that the company’s stores are “going to be a destination, a destination for our customers.”

“Our goal is to create an experience that makes people feel like we’re in New Orleans or Philadelphia, not just Manhattan,” Wilson said.

The Macy’s Hudson Valley will have a large outdoor patio with a view of the Hudson and a glass ceiling that will let customers admire the Hudson.

The New York Times has reported that the Hudson is the most populated in the nation and that New Yorkers are expected to spend $10 billion on their stores in 2020.

Macy’s plans on selling a wide range of items, including clothing, toys and home furnishings.

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