What does a kringle Candle look like?

The word kringles means “claws” in Latin, and is usually associated with the animals that are wrapped around them.

The word comes from the Latin word krystale, which means “to cut” or “to pull”.

The kringled candle is one of the oldest known products from the ancient world, dating back at least 1,000 years.

It is believed that the word “kringles” originally referred to a small wooden stick used to scratch and scratch, although it could also refer to the smaller kringling-like objects that are sometimes found on the market today.

The kringsle candle was originally made from the wood of an old tree, and was first sold in a single stick, which was shaped like a candle.

In modern times, the word kringsles was shortened to kringl and replaced by the modern term kringlet.

The word kronel is also an ancient term meaning “candle” and is also related to the word spel, meaning “a kringly piece of wood”.

“There are lots of similarities between the word ‘kringl’ and the word candle,” Dr Marques said.

“But it’s the kringler that is very special.”

Dr Marques and his colleagues from the Queensland University of Technology are working to identify the origin of the word.

“It’s an interesting and fascinating mystery, because it’s a word that’s been around for at least 1000 years, and yet it’s only now that we have this very, very simple, very small object that has been found,” Dr Matthew McGlashan, the lead researcher, said.

The researchers are also hoping to find out what made the kringsling candle stick and whether the stick itself had a name.

“The name could be called the ‘kringsl stick’ or the ‘spel’ stick,” Dr McGlishan said.

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