Aldi candles to sell to charity: ‘We want to get rid of the noise’

Aldi has announced it will sell ear wax candles to charity and said it is looking for a “clean, low-volume” alternative to traditional candles.

The Danish-based retailer has been trying to make an impact on the global economy by introducing new products such as the “Aldi Candle Chandelier”, which it is using in its new candle aisle.

But the company said it has found the “ear wax candles” it sells “a bit too noisy” and said ear wax is a “dirty, noisy” ingredient.

“We’ve also noticed that some ear wax candles are a bit too much for some people, especially in hot climates,” Aldi told The Local.

“The ear wax candle chandeliers in our new range will have less ear wax, which is a very clean and low-volatility ingredient,” it added.

Aldis candle sales in the UK are currently limited to two per customer, with one being placed in the shop’s gift shop.

The company also launched a website with details on how to buy the ear wax.

The brand, which has a market value of €14bn, has already launched a range of ear wax products for men, women and children.

But Aldi said it would be introducing a new range of candles that would be “completely different” from its ear wax offerings.

“As far as our ear wax line is concerned, it is going to be completely different to the products we’ve already introduced.”

It will be completely cleaner and less noisy than the ear candles we have already introduced,” the company told The Telegraph.”

There will be no glue, no glue glue, it will be a different brand altogether,” Aldis spokesperson Joakim Kjerulf told the newspaper.”

What we want to do is to get out of the ear candle market altogether,” he added.”

With this new line, we are looking for something that can be used in a different way and also a cleaner product, a product that is low-emission and is very low-cost.

“Aldid is also considering a move to buy candles made by other brands.”

If we can find a way to bring our ear candles into a more organic and sustainable way, we can really be part of that, too,” Kjermund said.”

A lot of these ear candles are made by a number of brands and we want them to be made by people that have an interest in sustainability.

“A spokesperson for Aldi’s UK business said the ear candies it sells were all made in the Netherlands.”

They are made from high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients, which means that they are the most environmentally friendly of all our candles,” a spokesperson said.

Ayds new ear wax range will be available from August 26.

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