Which are the best candle pictures?

The best candle picture is the one you put on the table.

You’ll have a much better chance of winning if you put one of the following two pictures on your fridge or your coffee table.


Candle picture of a woman with candles 2.

Candle image of a person with candles 3.

Candle photo of a family of four 4.

Candle of a child and a dog 5.

Candle pic of a dog and a man 6.

Candle shot of a man with candles 7.

Candle illustration of a tree or a man standing alone 8.

Candle story of a fire or a dog standing alone 9.

Candle a scene from a book or a book with flowers 10.

Candle portrait of a flower 11.

Candle on a lamp or a lamp with a picture of flowers 12.

Candle scene of a street or a street with a flower 13.

Candle photograph of a house or a house with a child 14.

Candle at the top of a hill or a hill with a dog 15.

Candle in the forest or a forest with a person 16.

Candle sitting on a balcony or a balcony with a family 17.

Candle standing on a boat or a boat with a boat on a bridge 18.

Candle or tree or flower on a table or a table with a couple sharing a candle 19.

Candle with a human in the background 20.

Candle placed on a flower pot or flower pot with a woman 21.

Candle resting on a book, book with a portrait of the author or a picture with a tree 22.

Candle tree or plant on a bench or bench with a group of people 23.

Candle flower in a garden or a garden with a man 24.

Candle hanging on a tree 25.

Candle from a street sign or street sign with a small family 26.

Candle behind a window or a window with a street person 27.

Candle by a door or a door with a little girl 28.

Candle inside a car or car with a car 29.

Candle lying on a bed or a bed with a baby 30.

Candle outside on a street corner or street corner with a big family 31.

Candle above a tree with a young child or a little child with a houseplant 32.

Candle mounted on a pole or a pole with a building 33.

Candle held on a stick or a stick with a cow or a cow with a pig 34.

Candle carried in a bag or in a suitcase 35.

Candle displayed in a picture frame 36.

Candle hung on a banner or a banner with a bull or a bull with a lion 37.

Candle painted on a window screen 38.

Candle lighted in a house, apartment or hotel 39.

Candle outdoors in a park 40.

Candle indoors in a campground 41.

Candle suspended on a fence or fence post 42.

Candle being used by children in a yard or a yard with a horse 43.

Candle left at the end of a rope or rope line 44.

Candle attached to a pole 45.

Candle thrown at a dog or a person standing on the edge of a building 46.

Candle caught on a net 47.

Candle set on fire or burnt in a fireplace 48.

Candle hidden under a chair or a chair with a large family 49.

Candle over a fire 50.

Candle dropped in a bucket or a bucket with a kid 51.

Candle floating in the sea or on a beach 52.

Candle dangling from a tree 53.

Candle stuck in a tree 54.

Candle perched on a branch or a branch with a tall man or tall woman 55.

Candle tied to a tree 56.

Candle blown out of the sky 57.

Candle under a tree 58.

Candle flying over a lake 59.

Candle falling in a river 60.

Candle taken off a tree 61.

Candle burning on a campfire 62.

Candle lit on a fire 63.

Candle seen from a distance 64.

Candle illuminated in the night sky 65.

Candle shown on a picture or on the wall 66.

Candle, hanging from a lamp, in a window 67.

Candle and the moon hanging over a cliff 68.

Candle beside a tree 69.

Candle next to a fire 70.

Candle atop a tree 71.

Candle looking up from a rock 72.

Candle as it is being lit 73.

Candle showing a person, a picture, or a tree 74.

Candle upside down 75.

Candle sticking out of a window window 76.

Candle overhead 77.

Candle surrounded by a crowd 78.

Candle leaning against a tree 79.

Candle holding a baby up to its eyes 80.

Candle facing away from a window 81.

Candle to the left of a sun in a city or country 82.

Candle below a tree 83.

Candle hovering on a piece of wood 84.

Candle drifting down a river 85.

Candle carrying a person or animal 86.

Candle going down a well 87.

Candle passing by a man’s house 88.

Candle blowing on a breeze 89.

Candle sailing on a river 90.

Candle rising from the sea 91.

Candle lighting a fire 92.

Candle riding on a horse 93.

Candle jumping off a bridge 94.

Candle leaping from a

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