Why I’m a little obsessed with homemade candles

I know a lot of you love homemade candles, but what do you do when you want to use them?

Do you use them to make candles, or do you just store them in the fridge?

The short answer is: both!

I’m not going to be talking about how to get started with candles and what to look for in a good brand, but how to make your own homemade candles without relying on store-bought.

If you’re a fan of the handmade theme, then I recommend checking out our post on what to expect from a homemade candle.

I have two homemade candles in my cupboard.

They’re made by me, so they’re pretty good, but there’s one more thing I need to get into.

Here’s what I’ve done to make one: made the cupboard a little bit smaller and I’ve removed a bunch of my older, plastic items. 

(This is not an exaggeration.

I could have just stored my old candles on the cupboards.)

I’m going to need two things to do this: a container of candles, and a way to store them.

I already had my old wooden buckets in the cup, but the cups I was using at the time had a little plastic shelf in the back.

These buckets are so much better. 

They’re so pretty! 

I use two of these buckets, but you can use any two you have laying around.

I made a few small holes for the holes in the buckets, so that they’re hidden and I can keep them from getting in the way of my cooking.

The bucket is about 1.5 feet long and 8 inches wide, so I use a large 1.25-inch-wide x 4-inch diameter wood board that I cut into strips.

I like to use this board for baking and decorating because it’s easy to work with and has a nice shape. 

When you cut the wood board, make sure it’s not too tight.

You don’t want to be digging into the wood like I did. 

After cutting the boards, I cut the holes for them, and I then cut the bottom of the bucket with a circular saw to fit in the holes.

I also put a piece of cardboard over the top to make sure there won’t be any excess wood in the bottom. 

Here’s the inside of the buckets: (I’m using my new plastic bucket, but if you have any old wooden ones lying around, they’ll work just as well.) 

The holes for these buckets are also on the inside.

I used a utility knife to cut the openings, but I also used my finger and a piece (maybe 2 or 3 inches) of wood chisel to make the openings.

I put the holes about 1/8 inch apart, so there’s about an inch of space between each hole. 

I then cut out the handles, which are made of wood and I covered them with a sheet of polyester. 

Now you need to put some stuff in there, so it’s ready to go.

I’m using a bit of glue to stick them in place. 

The glue works well, but it’s definitely not as sturdy as it could be.

I found it hard to get the glue to spread.

I did, however, use a little pressure to hold the wood down and the glue held up well.

I then put the buckets in there and let them sit for about a week. 

My next step is to make my wooden oven. 

This is where the fun really begins.

After the buckets are in place, I made a big pile of cardboard to place in the top.

I started with a piece about 1 inch wide, but then I decided to try out a different size piece of wood that I had lying around. 

These pieces have to be in pretty good shape.

You’re going to want to cut these pieces down to fit into the bucket.

I cut out pieces about an eighth of an inch long and one quarter inch wide. 

Once the wood is cut, it’s going to take a little while to set up.

I took about 30 minutes to get it set up and I only used glue to hold it down. 

As I was setting up the wooden oven, I started to get a little antsy.

I didn’t want the oven to overheat, so when I went to press the buttons, the plastic sheet just popped right off. 

 I had to be a little patient and keep it pressed down.

Once I did that, I was able to get everything set up, and it was ready to bake.

I baked the first batch of cookies and the second batch of pies. 

First batch of cakes: The first batch baked up very well.

The second batch didn’t quite do as well.

(I have to admit, the first time I baked a batch, I didn) The crusts were a little too

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