How to use candles to help you sleep soundly

What is an electric candle?

It is an incense burner, and when it burns the flames produce an intense heat.

You might hear the word “candle” used a lot in the context of incense, but candles are actually very different from incense.

Candles burn hotter and produce a lot more heat than regular incense flasks.

You can use a candle to light a room and make it a bit cooler, or to light your home.

To learn more about incense and candle use, we talked with a couple of experts to find out how to use electric candles safely.

A candle’s unique properties can be dangerous and it’s important to be aware of them, so read on to learn how to make the right choices.


Make sure you have a good fire starter.

Most electric candles are self-starting, meaning they are made to burn hot gas and will not burn the wood themselves.

That means the wood is still on fire and you can’t extinguish it, so you need to start the fire.

You should also be careful with lighting your candle, as there are some safety concerns associated with using electric candles.

There are some rules and regulations you should follow to make sure you’re safe.

If you’re starting a fire and it gets out of hand, call 911 and the authorities will take you to a safe location.

If the fire gets out in your house, make sure the electrical outlets are turned off, and don’t leave any loose wires on the floor.


If a candle gets out on your floor, turn it off and leave the flames.

When you turn the flame off, you are not actually putting out the flame.

When the candle burns, the hot gas in the combustion chamber releases a lot of heat.

That heat is transferred to the wood in the chamber, which burns hotter and produces more heat.


If your fireplace is on the inside, the candle will burn at the same temperature as your fireplace, and if it gets too hot, it will cause a fire.

If it gets so hot that you can no longer get the fire to burn properly, call your local fire department.

You will need to call the local fire inspector, but they can help you.


Be sure you know the safety rules and precautions to follow to be safe with electric candles when lighting a room.

If someone is using your electric candle for an improper purpose, be sure you and the person have the proper safety equipment.


If one candle burns too hot and it turns into a large flame, turn the candle off and take it off the burner.


If more than one candle fires, make a plan to put a fire extinguisher on the flame, and make sure to keep the flame extinguished.


Never leave your electric candles unattended while they are burning, and remember to put them out if the fire is not under control.

If something goes wrong, you can contact a fire official or a police officer.


Use caution when lighting up a candle in public.

Do not use your electric light in a public place.

You need to be careful and know how to safely use it, and you should always leave your candle unattended.

If that’s not possible, you should also avoid lighting your house and furniture up if it is the only place that you are likely to be lighting the candle, like the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room.


Never use electric lights on a fireplace.

If they are not properly switched on, you could be damaging your fireplace.

You must use a good quality fire extinguishing foam, and use one with a strong safety seal.

If using a candle, make certain that the candle is off the flame and you have the appropriate safety equipment, such as a fire starter, electric cord, and an extinguisher.

For tips on lighting a candle safely, check out our guide to how to start a fire safely.


Make a plan if a fire starts in your home and you are unable to extinguish the fire in time.

A fire official will usually take care of that, but it can be difficult to get out of your home quickly.

If no one is home when the fire starts, call for help.

If nobody is home and a fire is raging, call the police or emergency personnel.

You don’t need to make a scene, but if the situation escalates quickly, call an emergency personnel when possible.


Make an emergency plan if your house catches on fire.

Make one and include any information you have on how to get help if your home catches on.

Make it a priority to make an emergency emergency plan and keep it up to date, so it is updated if there are any changes in your situation.


Make good choices for the most comfortable setting possible.

Choose a fire safe room, or a comfortable setting that is a good distance away from the main fire, so there are no visible flames.

You may also want to consider using a dry-er

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