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An eucaryptus tree in the garden of a family home in Australia’s southern state of Victoria.

Australian Financial Review article Victorian families with a history of illness have been left to deal with a “disaster of the century” as their tree burns, according to the head of a tree-planting group.

A tree-trimming company called Tree Tree and Leaf is appealing to the public to help them protect their home from the flames of a raging fire that destroyed their home in the northern state of Queensland in early June.

The fire forced the evacuation of several nearby communities, leaving many families without electricity and water, and destroying some of their priceless trees, said Kevin Kelly, chairman of Tree and Leaf.

“It’s a devastating time for us in the community, so we really have to step up to make sure we are protecting our homes, but also doing the best we can to support our community,” he said.

Tree and Leaf’s tree-saving efforts are part of a nationwide campaign to help families survive the next devastating fire.

In Victoria, the Australian Government has pledged $5 million to help with tree-tissue donations, which are usually collected in the form of “tree-tossing” contests.

It is estimated that up to 60,000 trees have been destroyed by fires across Australia since 2012, with many more lost due to natural disasters, including bushfires, floods and cyclones.

Australia has one of the world’s largest populations of trees, with around 50 million trees.

More than 2,000,000 hectares (5.7 million acres) of land is covered by trees, and a further 2.8 million hectares (8.6 million acres).

In Melbourne, which is also home to the Melbourne Museum, residents have taken to the streets to help save trees.

The city’s tree rescue group, Tree and Lane, has set up a Facebook page where residents can share photos of trees they believe have been damaged.

Trees have also been planted on the footpaths and sidewalks in some areas of the city to provide people with a sense of security.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he is “absolutely confident” that Melbourne will recover from the next fire.

“It has to be an event that we can deal with,” he told ABC News.

Victoria’s fire service has urged residents to not leave their homes during the next big blaze, which has already devastated parts of the state.

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