Why do so many people say the best candle smells like a dog?

I love the smell of the Best-Scented Candles.

It’s like that dog smells of the best dog shampoo.

The smell of dog food.

The scent of the dog you love.

I think this is why many people love the best-smelling candles.

They smell like dogs.

I love the taste of dogfood.

It tastes like it’s been cooked over an open fire, or the scent of a dog that’s been eaten by a cat.

But it also has a little dog flavor.

I like the smell and taste of the cat hair, the smell that comes off the dog and then the scent from the cat.

It smells like cats.

I know it’s not the best smell, but I also like the scent, and the smell can be an indicator of the animal that the dog is from.

A dog that smells like cat hair could be a rat.

A cat smells like the dog that ate the cat, and that cat hair is a good indicator of a cat that’s eaten a dog.

But cats and dogs don’t really mix, and it’s possible for dogs to be from one breed and cats from another.

So, if you have a dog from a cat and a cat from a dog, then you can still have a good dog and a good cat.

The dog from the dog might have more in common with the cat than the dog from your cat.

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