How to turn off the lights and see the stars at night

The moon shines brightly in this picture taken by a telescope on February 21, 2017 in New York City.

A new NASA study finds that when people turn on the moon’s lights, they can actually see stars.

The study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, suggests that people can’t see stars because their eyes are so small compared to the stars.

A previous study showed that when light is emitted from the moon, people can see stars, but this study shows that when the moon turns on the lights, the starlight is absorbed and the human eye is able to see the faint light from the stars, called infrared light.

The infrared light that is captured by the human eyes is not strong enough to produce visible light.

Astronomers had suspected that the moon could be absorbing infrared light but this new study suggests that this is not the case.

“We have been trying to understand the moon for thousands of years and it is a mystery why it can’t do the same thing as other stars,” said the study’s lead author, Mark H. K. Pashley of the University of Arizona.

In order to test this hypothesis, the team measured the amount of infrared light from a number of objects that are visible on the night sky, including the moon.

Using a telescope that is able, like a telescope, to magnify and narrow down light, they found that the amount and location of infrared wavelengths from the same object varied by about 0.05 percent.

This difference is so small that astronomers can only see the infrared light emitted by a fraction of the moon when it is bright.

A study by astronomers who studied a different type of moon found that people could see a very faint, but distinct light when the light from that moon was bright.

The team of scientists analyzed data from a series of photos taken by the Apollo lunar module, which had been sent to Earth by NASA in the 1960s.

This image, from the Apollo moon module, was taken on August 24, 1969.

It shows the moon with a faint light emitted from its surface, with the image taken on October 3, 1969, the last day of the Apollo 11 mission.

The researchers found that when there was a light source on the lunar surface, the moon reflected that light, as seen from Earth.

The researchers also compared data from the Galileo moon mission, which also showed a light reflecting from the surface of the Moon, to this new data.

When the light source was bright, the researchers found a clear, bright signal of light reflected by the surface, as well as a faint, bright image of the Earth.

When the light reflected from the Earth was dim, it was much more faint.

While the data was inconclusive, this study does suggest that people on Earth can see infrared light, and that’s the first evidence of infrared on the surface.

Previous studies have found that humans can see faint light in the night, like the reflection of a star.

However, scientists had assumed that the light had to be emitted from Earth because we were in the Earth’s atmosphere.

For decades, astronomers have believed that Earth’s surface was covered with water ice, so the light could only be reflected by Earth’s icy surface.

In addition, when the surface was wet, the ice could also reflect light.

But because water ice is a liquid and doesn’t reflect sunlight, it’s hard to figure out how much light we see.

Pashley and his colleagues used NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, which is capable of imaging the entire sky at once, to measure the light that’s reflected by all the objects on Earth.

They found that a number were able to distinguish between the infrared and visible light reflected back by the moon and Earth.

This indicates that humans could see infrared.

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