Candle holders found in attic of former home

The discovery of wooden candleholders in a former home in West Sussex is giving police an insight into the life of an Irishman who made his living as a furniture salesman.

An estimated 500 candles are believed to have been in the attic of a former family home in Woodford, near Llanfairgwg, and are among a number of items discovered in a cellar on Tuesday.

The items are believed by police to have belonged to John O’Sullivan, who died in 2006 aged 69.

O’Sullivan was known to local police and was known for his extensive collection of wooden candlesticks, a hobby which he was keen to share with neighbours.

He also owned a furniture workshop which was often used to make candles.

But what really makes me uneasy is the fact that there is no evidence that he was ever in possession of any of these.””

He did make a lot of money, but the people in his family died so it is not something I would want to see again.

But what really makes me uneasy is the fact that there is no evidence that he was ever in possession of any of these.”

Police were called to a home on Tuesday afternoon and a search of the property found a total of 600 wooden candleholder items.

Officers took a statement from O’ Sullivan and took it to the County Court in Llanwyngwf, where it will be assessed for evidence.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Sussex Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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