When Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: How a Legendary Wizard Became a Legendary Icon

Harry Potter books are legendary.

The books are part of the magical canon, and it’s hard to imagine that any other author could have created a series of books like The Cursed Child, in which Harry finds himself as a member of the Potters family and the world’s first wizard.

The book, which hit shelves in 1996, is now in its sixth and final volume, and Harry Potter fans can’t help but be struck by the magic of the series.

But it’s not just a magical book, it’s also a literary one, a book that is, by and large, the work of a single author.

And as it turns out, the author of the first book of The Cursed Children, William Goldman, is the one who penned the book we know today as Harry Potter.

Goldman wrote the book with his cousin, Harry’s aunt, Rita Skeeter.

Goldman was a child of the Depression and was a writer, but the book he wrote for Rita is not a children’s book.

Instead, it tells the story of how Harry Potter came to be a magical, powerful wizard.

“It was a novel, but it wasn’t a childrens book,” Goldman tells Newsweek.

“There were no characters in it, no dialogue, no plot.”

Goldman wasn’t an author of any sort when he wrote The Cursed Care of Magical Creatures.

He was a teacher at a boarding school for gifted children, and when he was a teenager he wrote a novel about an orphan who had a magical potion.

Goldman says that when he first read the book, he thought, Oh, that’s great.

It’s a great story.

I’ll just put it out there.

He wanted to make it a book he could sell.

But the book wasn’t what it was before he wrote it.

The Cursed Book was published in 1937 by Random House, the same company that published the first Harry Potter book.

The next year, the company released the first edition of The Curse of the Black Chamber, which is a sequel to the first two books.

It took six years for the book to reach the United States.

The book was a hit.

The first book sold over 20 million copies, and The Cursed book was the most popular book in the country.

In addition to being a hit, The Cursed care of magical creatures was also a big hit with children.

According to a New York Times article from 1949, the first three books sold over 30 million copies in the United Kingdom alone.

It was an epic success.

In a series called The Illustrated Book of Magic, published in 1946, the authors name is engraved on the cover, along with his pseudonym and the date the book was written.

The illustrations show a variety of magical beings and creatures.

The author was a wizard named John G. Evans, and the illustrations are part fiction, part fact.

In the book titled The Illustrated book of Magic there are three illustrations, and each one shows a magical creature.

It is a little-known fact that the cover of The Illustrated books contains an illustration of a baby.

Goldstein says that the book has a lot of similarities to The Cursed Land, which was the first children’s fantasy book.

“The Cursed Land is the story about a wizard,” Goldman says.

“In The Cursed land, it is a wizard who becomes a wizard.”

In The Cursed Lands book, the wizard becomes a dragon.

In The Illustrated series, there are many magical creatures.

Goldman tells the Newsweek interviewer that he is inspired by the fantasy books and the characters.

“I would love to do a book about wizards,” he says.

“The magical creatures and creatures in the series are inspired by some of the classic children’s fairy tales,” he adds.

“That was what they were in the 1930s and 1940s.

So they were inspired by that.”

Goldstein, who is still active in the Harry Potter fandom, believes that the series has a strong connection to the Wizarding World.

“We are all wizards.

We all belong to the same magical family,” he tells Newsweek, “and I think the series is really about the wizard family.

It does show that there is a magical community in the world.

And it’s interesting that the first one was published after all these wonderful stories about the Wizard’s family.”

The first book in The Cursed series was published to sell about 5,000 copies in 1939.

In 1939, a new, more powerful wizard named Mr. Goldstein was born.

The second book in his series, The Illustrated Land, was published a year later.

Both books sold nearly 12 million copies.

The series has since sold over 40 million copies and inspired numerous movies and books.

The first edition sold 1.6 million copies between 1939 and 1950.

In 1954, the series sold more than 35 million copies worldwide.

The third book in Mr. Goldmans series, the Illustrated Book, was released in 1962.

That book sold a little over 20,000 more copies than The Illustrated

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