What you need to know about candle flammability and the pyre

You might think that candles don’t require much care, but there’s a big difference between the safe handling of a candle and the flame itself.

As we discussed in the article The Best Pyre Candles, candles don, in fact, contain the most toxic chemicals known to science.

A candle that’s properly stored, treated and handled properly can be safely used for a long time, though that may not be true if it’s been sitting in the open.

Here’s a quick primer on how candles are treated and how to get the most out of them.

What is a pyre candle?

A pyre is an artificial flame that’s set in a candle’s core, but it’s made up of a mix of various chemicals that burn in different ways.

The pyre itself isn’t actually a flame, but instead a gas.

That gas, or some other fuel, creates a sort of heat source in the candle’s center, which allows the flame to keep burning longer and produce a larger and hotter flame than when you simply put a flame in the middle.

The flames are not supposed to come into contact with air or touch anything else.

They burn for a short time, then the flame stops and they’re safe to put away.

But don’t think of pyre candles as fire extinguishers.

Pyre candles contain some of the same chemicals as ordinary candles, but they can also produce a slightly more dangerous form of flammable gas, which can cause burns if it comes into contact or gets stuck in a surface.

Here are some of our favorite candle brands, along with how to properly care for them:

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