Which is your favorite Pokemon in the Pokemon world?

The Pokemon franchise has been around since the ’90s and the first Pokemon games were released in 1999.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pokemon Gold and Silver and it has been the year of Pokemon’s greatest hits, most beloved characters, and most infamous Pokemon, all in one single game.

Here’s a look at what we know about Pokemon in 2017 and what we might be looking forward to next.

Pikachu: The Legendary Bird Pokemon is the protagonist of many of the games and has the highest base stats of any Pokemon.

Pikachu’s signature move is the Wing Attack which sends Pikachu spinning in the air and then it’s time to hit it with Wing Attack.

Although it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which Pokemon inspired Pikachu’s move, the moves are usually based around using Wing Attack to defeat foes in battle.

Pikachu has the most popular moves in the series with a total of 14, while Charizard has seven and Mewtwo has four.

Charizard is often compared to Pikachu in terms of versatility.

Charizards moves include Scratch, Quick Attack, Flamethrower, Flamestrike, and Quick Guard.

Charix has the second-most moves with a whopping 18, while Mewtwo’s 14 moves have a combined total of 19.

Ashley, Brock, and James are all considered the best in the world, while the rest of the world’s Pokemon are pretty mediocre.

Gardevoir: The Pokemon that lives inside the walls of Pokemon gyms.

Gardevoir has the lowest base stats in the game, but her ability to absorb the damage of incoming attacks makes her one of the most dangerous Pokemon in OU.

Unlike its Pokemon brethren, Gardevos attacks have no hit-points and it doesn’t have the ability to be stunned.

Gardes move is Hyper Beam, which hits opponents in a wide arc.

She’s also a Pokemon that can be paralyzed and has a paralyze resistance to make her even more dangerous.

Kyogre: The biggest baddest Pokemon in Pokemon.

Kyogres move is Thunder Wave, which can knock opponents away, but it can also send them flying.

Its also a powerful attacker with Thunder Punch, which sends Kyogre flying.

It has the strongest movepool of any of the Pokemon in this year’s Pokemon games.

Drowzee: The one Pokemon that has been seen most in the franchise.

Its the mascot for Pokemon Go and its the most famous Pokemon in every generation since the first game.

The Pokemon in Go are called Drowzees and the game is based on their species.

Mewtwo: The second most popular Pokemon in all of Pokemon.

Mewtwo is the mascot of Pokemon Go, and its also one of our favorite Pokemon.

Its a great trainer and a popular Pokemon to catch in the games.

Mew is the most powerful Pokemon in its series, but its still a bit slow.

Lugia: The leader of Team Rocket.

Lugias ability is the ability Zap Cannon which sends Lugia spinning at high speeds.

In the games, Lugia is known as the most feared Pokemon in terms to its attack.

Its often said that Lugia has the fastest attacks in the entire series.

Nidoking: The most powerful of the three Pokemon in Team Rocket, Nidoking is known for being one of Team Plasma’s most feared attacks.

Nidoking can send Nidoking flying, but only if the opponent is knocked off its feet.

The only Pokemon in their series that can use Zap Cannon, Nidoran, is the only one in their games.

It is the first Pokémon to have the Ability Zap Cannon.

Lucario: The main Pokemon in Pokémon Go and one of its most prominent characters.

Lucario is a Pokemon with great range and has great defensive capabilities.

Snorlax: A very powerful Pokemon that was also a main character in Pokémon X and Y. The first of its species, the legendary Snorlix, is also the most common Pokemon in any game.

Its moveset is often based around getting into close quarters and crushing opponents.

Victini: The only Pokémon in Pokemon Go that is able to evolve into a Mega Snorlocke.

Victini’s moveset can evolve into Mega Sawsor, which Mega Soras the largest Pokémon in the region.

Victinis attacks are mostly Thunder Wave and Flamethrower, but there are also more powerful attacks such as Hyper Beam.

Gyarados: The fourth most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon, Gyarados is often known for its incredible speed.

Its attacks are very powerful, but most of the time its moveset revolves around attacking the opponent with its powerful attack, Thunderbolt.

Wobbuffet: The other most famous Pokémon in any of Pokemon games and the only Wobbuffon to appear in the final games.

Wobbuffs moveset

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