‘Wedding candle’ to bring ‘the best in local’ in Melbourne

WEDDING CROWDS have been transformed into ‘wedding candles’ for Melbourne’s ‘wet, rainy days’ with a spell candle made from locally sourced ingredients.

Key points: The candle was inspired by a candle shop in Melbourne’s south, which has become one of the most popular candle shops in the stateA spell candle, which can be purchased at a nearby spell shop, is made of locally sourced productsThe shop, Candle Shop, opened in 2017 and has become Melbourne’s most popular spell candle shopThe spell candle is made from local sourced ingredientsThe spell candles cost $20 for a couple, $25 for a child, and $30 for a family.

It’s a small change to the typical wedding day, but Candle Shop is celebrating the trend with a special ‘wetshed candle’ that can be bought at a neighbouring spell shop.

The ‘weds’ candle was designed to celebrate the weather.

“We wanted to create a magical place where you can bring the best in Melbourne, and you can enjoy the city,” said Tim Scott, Candle Shops Melbourne manager.

“We also want to show the city that it’s not just about the weather, it’s about the atmosphere and the love and the happiness, and we want to make the whole city feel like a family.”

The spell is made up of 10,000 individual ‘tongs’, each of which has a special shape and colour.

Each ‘tong’ is about the size of a wedding cake, and each is handmade in Australia, using the same ingredients.

“You can’t make a spell, you can’t do a spell that’s cheap, but you can make a magic spell, and a wedding spell,” said Ms Scott.

They’re sold at spell shops in other parts of the state, such as Port Stephens, and also at local spell shops.

Candle Shop has been open since 2017 and is a popular location for weddings and other special events.

The company’s founder, Sam Scott, said he came up with the idea to make a ‘welcome home’ spell after he attended a wedding reception.

“I had a few drinks, got the mood, and just thought I’d go and make a little splash,” he said.

“Then I realised I was a wedding candle maker.”

It’s been the catalyst for the company.

“In 2017, Candle Store was one of Melbourne’s top-selling spell candles, but sales have since dropped.

Last year, Candle Shack was among the top 50 most popular wedding spell candles in Melbourne.

But Candle Shop has since expanded to more locations across Melbourne and the country.”

Our store is the new standard for wedding candles in the city, so I think people have really embraced it,” Mr Scott said.

And it’s something that he hopes will continue to grow.

He’s not sure how much longer he can keep the business open.

Mr Scott said he is now looking for a permanent home for the spell shop to expand into the future.


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